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The Business of Legal Cannabis Has Evolved.

Don't rely on yesterdays technology. CannaBlox is a user friendly, vertically integrated software solution based on superior blockchain technology.

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How CannaBlox is making cannabis better for everyone.
The thing that makes CannaBlox different from every other track-and-trace technology in the cannabis industry is we go beyond just compliance obligations.

Our transparent, secure & verifiable tracking provides a range of powerful benefits to everyone involved in the cannabis supply chain.
CannaBlox CORE

CannaBlox CORE connects every part of your supply chain including cultivators, distributors, testing labs, manufacturers, and dispensaries.


CannaBlox CULTIVATOR tracks every plant, batch, strain, & product. The entire lifecycle of tracked on digital manifests, permanently recorded in CannaBlox's immutable ledger.

CannaBlox P.O.S

CannaBlox P.O.S Module coming Q4 2019!

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Track Harvest Data to Improve Yield Quality and Efficiency

Manage the factors that can help you recreate grows, and more importantly, increase revenue. Each step in the chain of custody will be encrypted and stored in a custom secure blockchain.

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One of the biggest advantage that CannaBlox provides, besides its back-end security and reliability with blockchain, is the ability to track the complexities in managing your grow.

In order for your business to be successful, the entire lifecycle of your plants need to be logged and reported. We take every step necessary to collect this information by using a variety of collection methods. Such as IIoT Devices or RFID.

Track and manage your cultivation environments in CannaBlox. Keep track of the materials used, the hours of labor that go into production. Connect to your Accounting Software for greater financial analysis and oversight.

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What are the types of Cultivation Activities that the CannaBlox CULTIVATOR module can track?
Germification / tissue culture propagation (Nursery)
The first stage in a lifecycle of the cannabis plant. Track and trace the duration of the germification cycle, the type of lighting, humidity level, pH conditions, as well as the germification method you are using.
Seedling (Nursery)
The most important stages of the cannabis plant and requires extra attention and care. Record humidity and pH conditions to update the information in your crops. Record the seedling method used within CannaBlox.
Clone (Nursery)
Cloning stage is 2 weeks on average. Once roots are long enough it will be moved into a growing medium and then transferred into the full vegetative phase. CannaBlox records all the necessary growth data.
The growth stage of the cannabis plant can be 2 to 3 weeks. CannaBlox stores all the plants growth attributes, the crucial pieces of information recorded in the product’s history. All secure and traceable on blockchain .
The flowering stage is perhaps the longest stage and takes from 4 to 12 weeks depending on the strain. Keep the records of growing mediums and fertilizers used in the CULTIVATOR module in CannaBlox .
This stage is the time to reap what you sow and count your yields. Weigh in your wet and dry harvest, your trim and the waste accumulated during this stage.
Every stage of your cultivation process is stored and protected with
LevelBlox Blockchain Technology.
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Track individual plant lab results to get the most from your harvest.

With CannaBlox CULTIVATOR's Lab and Testing functionality, operators are able to efficiently record the input and output weights, extraction yields, terpenes, flavonoids THC and, CBD Levels.

Putting lab results on LevelBlox blockchain will protect the reputation of each lab as it will prevent suppliers from altering a lab result that is locked into a smart contract.

CannaBlox allows licensed laboratories to take advantage of the reliability and trustworthiness of blockchain.

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CannaBlox Pilot Program
For growers, manufacturers and distributors.

To realize the potential of blockchain for the Cannabis Industry and how it can solve supply chain challenges, LevelBlox is launching the CannaBlox Pilot Project

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Track and trace EVERY plant in your harvest.

The CULTIVATOR connects to CannaBlox CORE and dashboards are created for managing information from all data sources for reporting and analysis. These provide insights so you can be in complete control of your operation and make data-driven decisions.

CannaBlox integrates with the latest in mobile data capture technologies to account for every leaf with pinpoint accuracy. Integrating with simple, all-digital barcode systems, for example, you can track every movement and destruction in real time. All of the information is stored and verifiable on blockchain.