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LevelBlox Introduces
Cannabis Business Process Solutions Built On Blockchain

From "seed-to-sale," CannaBlox gives today's cannabis growers and distributors complete visibility, traceability, security and, ensures adherence to MFG and Government regulations and standards. All built using LevelBlox blockchain technology.

The Business of Legal Cannabis Has Evolved.

So has its manufacturing and distribution process. Now held at a higher standard, growers are under tremendous pressure to ensure compliance and traceability into their operations. CannaBlox gives cannabis growers & manufacturers a solution that fills the void of current offerings by focusing on 2 of the biggest challenges facing this emerging industry.

Managing the Manufacturing Processes
Data Integrity and Security

Cannabis Manufacturing/Business Process

The evolution of the manufacturing of cannabis can be defined in its phases of refinement. The cultivation of flower to extract to the refinement of distillation to isolate of cannabinoid, flavonoids, and terpenoids.


The current options of cannabis business software were built to manage small scale growing, with their target of max yielding of a dry flower. Then to an extract of that flower. But now the industry has pivoted to the cultivation of gentiles, and the batch processing of pharmaceutical grade products.

How is CannaBlox different? 

CannaBlox aggregates and integrates with all cultivation tracing devices, such as:

  • Inventory tracking devices, barcodes, and barcode scanners
  • RFID NFC readers
  • Scales
  • Environmental, irrigation & fertilization systems
  • P.O.S system

CannaBlox uses this information and triggers audit events, such as:

  • Location changes (time date)
  • Phase & process changes
  • Custody changes of the plant material throughout the refinement process

By using LevelBlox's blockchain technology and the use of distributed ledgers for purity and security of data, growers can be confident of the exact "location" and source of the plant as it goes through the refinement process.

CannaBlox also incorporates GMP into the cannabis business process to add quality, safety and, efficiency into the operation, ICH, WHO, Canada, Japan, and the EMEA use GMP for pharmaceutical manufacturing and compliance. Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) are systems created and mandated by the government to regulate production, verification, and validation of drugs, food and/or medical devices, ensuring that finished products are effective and safe for market distribution.

Data Loss and Integrity

Recalls and compliance audits are never planned, and they are never easy. If manufacturers are not proactive or prepared, public health could be at risk and reputations will suffer.

Data loss from centralized databases can exacerbate and inflame an already stark consequential and potentially high profile condition, especially if a recall associated with illness, death or diversion to children is at its root.

How can CannaBlox help prevent the next disaster? 

CannaBlox uses the high availability and liveness of distributed ledger systems of blockchain technology to ensure the vital medicated transactions of the cannabis’ phase changes, location and custody are immutably and cryptography stored and replicated across multiple redundant and fault-tolerant distributed ledger nodes, adding parity, finality, and insurance to that data.

What are the benefits of using blockchain? 

High availability of data

  • Crash fault tolerant - prevents data loss on stored transactions
  • Liveness prevents – prevents data loss data to be entered

Trusted Transaction

  • An immutable auditable transactions
  • Audit and recalls are not just reported but validated

Validation and consortium governance

  • Defined access and validation
  • Transparency and control
  • Issuances and with accountability of medicated items

CannaBlox uses blockchain technology to "track and trace" the entire cannabis manufacturing process from a single seed or clone to immature plants, vegetative, flowering, harvested to extraction, distillation, formulation to packaging and finally to the sale of finished goods and delivery to the patient.

Using the LevelBlox distributed ledger system, CannaBlox insures cultivated, processed and sales data are available for regulators and operators to validate without evasive inspection. the system enables a real-time, 24/ 7 audit feed and triggers alerts and reports on patterns that deviate from the norm and compliance parameters. This live access to analytics and data to immutable ledger transaction reporting, automation, and analysis can allow regulators efficient oversight and detailed transparency into cannabis operations.